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About The Owner
Michele LeonelloMichele Leonello

Michele Leonello (born April 16,, 1959) is a clairvoyant medium from Upstate New York. Born with a unique gift, Michele has helped countless people acquire closure, comfort, and proof that consciousness transcends physical death. Working as an evidential-based medium, Michele’s primary purpose is to provide evidence of communication with spirits who have crossed the veil. Known as the “medium who doesn’t ask any questions”,  Michele’s  philosophy has been that if a medium is authentic, they shouldn’t have to ask questions and should be able to come up with specific information that only could apply to the individual they're connecting with.

Michele has a Master Degree in Metaphysical Science and works as an Ordain Minister and yoga Instructor. She is known for her rational, comforting, and tactful presentation of the information she receives. Her gift has allowed her to provide evidence and understanding to those she reads, with messages of hope, closure, and forgiveness. With clientele both nationally and internationally, Michele has been blessed to work with a vast array of people. More than anything, Michele’s goal has always been to aid in the grief process and provides answers with compassion and gratitude for the people she is privileged to read. She also provides ministry services and shares the practice of yoga with people in her community. Love, Peace, Joy and Namaste’